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A place where rich is relative, the tea is sweet and friendship, romance and intrigue grows! Charlotte Moon Mysteries is a limited, feature length screenplay series for teens done in a mixed family/mystery/rom-com genre with a charming, humorous tone and dark vignettes (PG-13). Each screenplay has a seasonal theme (summer, fall, winter, spring).

The first screenplay, Green on the Greens, was produced in 2020-2021 as a family project with a cast of volunteers and a micro-size crew on a micro-size budget. It was a challenging and awesome experience for everyone involved! The film was briefly available on several streaming platforms but was removed when we decided to re-make the film at a higher, professional quality level. SPP is currently looking for a more experienced producer to collaborate with on this endeavor.

The original screenplay for Green on the Greens has been revised many times as the writer has grown, and the second screenplay in this series, Pumpkin Spice and a Body on Ice, is finished. Both screenplays are ready for development.

Scroll down to see our original Green on the Greens family film posters, trailer and other marketing media!  



Charlotte Moon Mysteries' First Film

Before her sister is wrongfully arrested for murder, a clever, glam-edgy teen and her crew must solve a notorious neighbor's mysterious death out on the greens of their southern, country club and yacht club neighborhood.


Green on the Greens

Original Family Film Project Trailer (2021)


Green on the Greens

Original Family Film Project Marketing Media (2021)