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About Us

When HEIDI HORNE was a teen, she wanted to be a screenwriter but quickly chickened out. Instead, she became an aviator, army officer and real estate appraiser. Then, she wrote a comedic scene for her youngest daughter's acting reel. Both her teenage girls loved it! They encouraged her to write the rest of the story, so she did during the Covid quarantines of 2020. She created her Charlotte Moon Mysteries' characters and world and wrote her first feature-length, YA/mystery/comedy screenplay Green on the Greens. The characters and setting are loosely based on her family, friends and the elegant, southern, lakefront area they live in just north of Charlotte in Cornelius, NC.

Her youngest daughter said it would be fun to make the film version, and so the family's journey into the world of independent film production began! 

Southern Picnic Productions, LLC was formed for the sole purpose of producing the family film project with a small crew and cast of volunteers.  Drawing upon her military officer and mom skills and by the grace of God, she directed, produced and distributed her micro-budget feature film Green on the Greens (2021). This project lit her passion for professional filmmaking and growing the art and business of independent film in her region. 

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