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About Us

When HEIDI HORNE was a teenager, she wanted to be a screenplay writer but quickly chickened out. Her journey first made her an army officer, a mom and more. Then in her late 40's she wrote a small scene for her youngest daughter's acting media reel and both her teenage girls loved it! Her older daughter encouraged her for two years to write the rest of the story. Finally, inspired by her kids" own creative endeavors, she sat down to write during the height of the Covid quarantines of 2020. She created her Charlotte Moon Mysteries' characters and world and finished her first screenplay Green on the Greens. The characters and setting are loosely based on her daughters, friends and the elegant, southern, lakefront area they live in just north of Charlotte, NC.   Her youngest daughter said it would be fun to make the film, and so the family's journey into the world of independent film production began! Southern Picnic Productions, LLC was formed in August 2020 for the sole purpose of producing the family film project Charlotte Moon Mysteries: Green on the Greens. Drawing upon her military officer and mom skills she directed and produced the Green on the Greens film in 2020-2021.