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Green on the Greens  (2021)

Green on the Greens was our novice film project. It is a young adult feature film that was made as a family film project in 2020. It was created with just a two person film crew, a few volunteers and a 25 person volunteer cast on a micro-size budget. We took this project from development through production, post-production and to distribution on several streaming platforms. 

We worked hard, had fun and learned a ton! It is no longer available for viewing.

Check out Green on the Greens' movie poster, other key art, movie trailer and other marketing media below. 

Green on the Greens (2021): Text
Green on the Greens (2021): Projects

Green on the Greens (2021) Film Trailer and Marketing Media

Videos below.

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Green on the Greens (2021): Text
All Videos

All Videos

Green on the Greens (2021): Video Player
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