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Main Characters


Charlotte Moon

High school freshman

Charlotte is a smart, young teenager whose family moved to North Carolina and The Queen’s Crown when she was a little girl. She's known her neighborhood best friends, Scarlet and Roxi, since pre-school. She is well grounded, devoted to her close friends and family, confident but reserved publicly, and does not trust easily. Char enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, anime art and lake activities.

Aubrey Moon

High school junior

Aubrey is Charlotte’s big sister and complete opposite. She is outgoing, vivacious and transparent with her emotions. She dates, Dalton, the literal "boy next door." She is passionate about her horse, Chanel, and rides competitively. She trusts easily and works hard at school and supporting her equestrian activities.


Scarlet Hart

High school freshman

Scarlet is a devoted best friend and neighbor of Charlotte and Roxi. She attends a private school and is an only child from a wealthy, old southern family. She is very social, loves to bake southern desserts, adores her boyfriend Cal, and writes for the neighborhood newsletter. She is fun loving but does feel the pressure of her parents' high expectations for her behavior and social status.

Roxi Noble

High school sophomore

Roxi is a devoted best friend and neighbor of Charlotte and Scarlet. She attends school with Charlotte and is outgoing, witty and flirtatious. She is also intellectually gifted, enjoys fine arts, is fluent in several foreign languages, and works part time at the local coffee shop. She comes from a big, extended family that's lived in the area for generations. Her father is an executive in sports marketing and her mother a CPA, who works at the bank part time.


Brynn Morgan

Charlotte & Aubrey’s cousin

Brynn is moderately autistic, has cerebral palsy, and speech and developmental delays. She is creative, joyful and fun. She has a hard time making friends so her cousins are her friends. Char and Aubrey enjoyed playing with Brynn when they were little, and despite the growing differences in their abilities and interests as they age, they still try to include her in their lives.

Dalton Briggs

High school senior

Dalton is Aubrey’s boyfriend. He grew up with the Moon girls in the neighborhood and attends the same high school. He is a good student, well tempered, plays varsity football, is hard working and goal oriented. Although he comes from a well off family, he is driven by his father's expectation that he pay half his college tuition. He enjoys tennis, golf and lake activities, and he runs the snack cart on the country club’s golf course.


Vonne Taylor

High school senior

Vonne is Dalton’s best friend and they attend the same high school. He lives outside the neighborhood and comes from a more modest background. He is confident, likes to flirt and tease, and lives in the moment. He is wise to the ways of the world for his age and doesn’t trust easily. He is an outdoor sportsman and enjoys water sports and lake activities. He works at the country club.

Finn McCallister

High school sophomore

Finn is a good friend of Charlotte, Grant and Cal. He lives in the neighborhood and attends high school with Charlotte and Roxi. Finn is intelligent, tech oriented and creative. He is introverted and struggles with self-confidence. He often has social anxiety in larger groups. He likes playing video games, anime and shooting short films.


Calhoun Evans

High school freshman

Cal is Scarlet’s boyfriend. He lives in the neighborhood, but goes to the same private high school as his good friend, Grant. He is very loyal, has a good sense of humor and an adventurous spirit, despite the tight reign his parents hold on him. His parents have high expectations of him and his future. His father is a successful businessman and retired military officer.

Grant Raines

High school freshman

Grant is a childhood friend and neighbor of Charlotte’s. He attends private school with his best friend, Cal. Grant is confident, social, athletic and creative. He enjoys water and team sports, playing guitar, his dog and singing.

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